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Stress and Finals Week: We are on the Home Stretch

A quick search on google using the key words “stress,”  “finals” and “health” comes up with over 840,000 “hits” or pages and some scholarly articles.  Do you think that this is a hot topic? As the end of the semester approaches for the University of North Carolina and other schools, it is time for final […]

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More Than Meets The Eye: Evolving Health Advertisements

While technologies such as the Internet have drastically changed the world of advertising, traditional poster ads have also evolved, and some organizations have taken advantage in their health-related messages. In 2013, the ANAR Foundation created an ad for a child abuse hotline that uses lenticular printing such that those who view the ad at less […]

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Just Do It!: What to Do After the Thanksgiving Meal!

After watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a full stomach and a joyful meal with family and friends, what should you do now? Exercise! As Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Type 1 diabetes makes these holidays harder, because of all the high carb and sugary foods that are […]

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DC Takes on HIV: An Evaluation

Campaigns such as DC Takes on HIV acknowledge that marketing is not just for commercial products. Using a social marketing approach, the campaign promotes HIV testing, medical care, and treatment, condom use, and healthy relationships. The umbrella campaign consists of several topic specific campaigns, including Ask for the Test (HIV testing), Know Where You Stand […]

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Insulin: Pigs, Cattle and Humans, Oh My!

Did you wear blue on November 14th for World Diabetes Day?  Do you know why November 14th was picked as the day to bring awareness to diabetes?  Dr. Frederick Banting, the researcher who discovered insulin and saved millions of lives, was born on November 14th. Dr. Banting started experimenting using insulin on dogs in the early 1920’s.  After […]

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125 Years of Public Health in Florida

What do you get when you combine public health, history, and marketing? This year, the Florida Department of Health is celebrating 125 years of public health in Florida after the state legislature established the department (then known as the State Board of Health) on February 20, 1889. Photo credit: Robert E. Fisher, State Archives of Florida, Florida […]

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World Diabetes Day!

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day! Get out your blue and spread the word about diabetes awareness. November 14th is a day that celebrates diabetes awareness all over the world.  It does not just recognize one type of diabetes, like Type 1 Day (November 1st) or Type 2 Day (November 2nd).  It embraces all types and […]

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Searching for Sickness

Have you thought about tracking disease through web search patterns? In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partnered with Google to see if certain search terms related to influenza could predict flu visits at doctors’ offices. The subsequently constructed Google Flu Trends showed varying degrees of success in its accuracy, but improvements to […]

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#Diabadasschallenge: Are You Up for the Challenge?

It’s November!  When many people think of this month they think about cooler weather, falling leaves, pumpkin pies, Thanksgiving dinner, football games and family gatherings.  BUT, guess what else is also in November?  It is Diabetes Awareness Month! In the United States alone, there are 29.1 million people with diabetes, including as many as 3 million with type 1.  Do you want to make […]

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Green is the New Health

Is green the new way to use health to market products? This August, the Coca-Cola Company released a new product, Coca-Cola Life, which boasts about 50 fewer calories than a “regular” Coca-Cola. This is not the first time the company has produced a “healthier” alternative—products such as Diet Coke and Coke Zero have been marketing […]

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