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The rapid spread of Ebola (media coverage)

With a high mortality rate for those who contract Ebola hemorrhagic fever, there is reason to be concerned for persons in direct contact of those infected, but the disease has become a hot news item, since the first case of Ebola in the US was diagnosed on September 30, 2014. Despite evidence and top officials […]

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Medical Data Access: Tick Tock Tick Tock #WeAreNotWaiting

Technology is racing to meet the demands of the people.  Data is not just valuable to the person collecting the data, whether that is a patient through a device or a doctor through test results. Patients with Type 1 diabetes want to be able to upload their glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and insulin […]

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Pink You Know Where Your Money Is Going?

As we settle into fall, we see the same seasonal markers surface each year—sweaters and jackets, Halloween décor, and pumpkin everything. But with Breast Cancer Awareness Month occurring in October, we also need an influx of pink everything in the name of raising money for breast cancer research. However, critical researchers, activists, consumers, and persons with breast cancer, […]

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Did you know? : A Brief Review of Diabetes Accomplishments

1924 (90 years ago) – Priscilla White, MD, created the Joslin Pregnancy Clinic to treat women with diabetes when less than half of all babies born to these women survived.  Fifty years later, 90 percent of babies born to women with diabetes at her clinic survived. 1964 (50 years ago) The Ames Company developed the […]

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Tech Giants App-solutely Approaching The Health Field

Following the footsteps of Apple’s Health app for iOS 8 and Google Fit, Facebook is seeking to expand into the health field. With Apple and Google currently focusing on health metric apps such as keeping track of workouts, sleep, steps, Facebook may join the fray with its own lifestyle applications. Additionally, Facebook may create online […]

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Humor: How to Deal with Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is one of those diseases that is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It goes with you everywhere – there are no vacations.  Due to constantly having to deal with the disease, burn out can be quite common.  Humor can be an effective way to help cope by injecting […]

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Who The .health Does This Website Belong To?

You may know what to expect when you access a website that ends with .com, .org, .edu, or .gov, but what about .health? Get ready to see this, since the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been bidding several health-related generic top-level domains (gLTD) such as .health, .doctor, and .med to various […]

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Discrimination: What Would YOU Do?

Marc Schaeffer, a Type 1 diabetic and substitute teacher in the Broward School District, was fired from his job for giving himself an insulin injection during class. The policy that had been set in place by the school was that Mr. Schaeffer would contact administration if he needed to give himself a shot, so they […]

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Puppy Pressure: Friends Are Waiting

They say sex sells, but maybe puppies do, too. It’s not the first time that Budweiser employed the use of the highly emotional use of Puppy Love to advertise their product, as the company did earlier this year during Super Bowl XLVIII, but the new “Friends Are Waiting” ad comes with a health message: Released […]

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Educate to Eradicate Ignorance

Did you know? According to the JDRF, “Each year, more than 15,000 children and 15,000 adults – approximately 80 per day – are diagnosed with T1D [Type 1 Diabetes] in the U.S.” According to the American Cancer Society, the survival rate for stage 4 supraglottis cancer, which is cancer of the larynx above the vocal […]

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