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iPhone: Is it also a Medical Alert Bracelet?

Did you get a new iPhone over the holidays, already have an iPhone or are considering getting one?  Whether you are a new or old Apple user, there is a great feature that could apply to you! Have you noticed the “emergency” button on the screen where you enter your 4 number passcode?  This is […]

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A Mindful Minute

Now that the sparkle and excitement of the New Year has faded away, so too have a few of our resolutions. What we once were so steadfastly declaring to change in 2015 may already be a faint memory from the past. And while your attempts to eat better, sleep more, and procrastinate less may already […]

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The CDC's website presented this graph showing the recent dramatic spike in U.S. measles cases.

Got shots?

“I’m going to Disney World!” Well, maybe not, since the California Department of Public Health confirmed 59 cases of measles in that state since the end of December 2014, of which 42 were linked to Anaheim’s Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park. In 2000 measles was officially declared eliminated in the United States because of […]

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French company unveils smart belt that loosens after a big meal

What smart device do you want to put on your body today? How about a belt that will automatically adjust itself based on your changing waist measurement? A French start-up, Emiota, introduced the world’s first smart belt (called “Belty,” naturally) at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show. The belt has a built-in sensor that will […]

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What makes a food plate stand in for a food pyramid? Usability

  What is usability? Are you familiar with this word? Let’s take a look at replacing the food pyramid with “MyPlate”. The food pyramid, designed to educate people on how to eat healthy and nutritional food, was created jointly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services. Nevertheless, it […]

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via Flickr (credit: WalmartCorporate)

Warning Label: Food May Contain Deoxyribonucleic Acid!

A recent survey revealed that many Americans would support mandatory labels on foods that contain DNA. Researchers at Oklahoma State University conduct a monthly online survey that asks over 1000 Americans about their preferences and opinions on the safety and quality of food. In this month’s survey, one question asked, “Do you support or oppose […]

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Sleeping child

How Eating School Breakfast Can Help Your Child Succeed

For millions of American families with school-aged children, buzzing alarm clocks are the starting pistols that mark the beginning of another hectic day. Parents scramble to get ready for work while shoving sleepy-eyed kids out the door to meet the school bus. ‘Breakfast’ is anything portable the kids can eat on their way to school […]

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Getting old may cost more than you think

What’s the price of getting old? The Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University demonstrated some of the serious issues that the aging population have to face, such as rising health care expense and vulnerability to diseases. You can access their work “The Cost of Aging in America” and the cool infographic here. On the other […]

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Framing Health Messages

Framing Health Messages: What kind of health message speaks to you?

Health promotion experts constantly seek the most effective way to reach an audience and make a lasting impact. However, messages are far less powerful without a unifying method to target audiences. Fortunately, Cornell researchers recently used a new perspective in analyzing approaches in framing health messages, concentrating on differences in perceptions and processing styles as […]

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Diaversary or Diabirthday: Do You Celebrate?

As many people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, people with diabetes, like myself, celebrate their “diaversary” or “diabirthday.” On January 16, 2015, I celebrated my 17th year anniversary. I cannot believe I have had Type 1 diabetes for almost three quarters of my life. People celebrate their diaversaries different ways, particularly by going […]

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