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It’s not Chlorine, it’s pee…..

This summer, CDC, the Water Quality and Health Council and the National Swimming Pool Foundation teem up to launch a campaign to stop people from peeing in the swimming pool. They start with busting the red-eye myths that people often believe. When people who experience stingy feeling in their eyes during and after a swim […]

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Racing the lightning only works in books. Courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Hear thunder? Out of the pool!

As July opens, several regions of the United States are having typical summer weather, which involves hot mornings, blisteringly hot afternoons, and later afternoon to evening thunderstorms.  The heat causes people to want to get cool, often in swimming pools or in shade under trees. The problem with this is knowing when to quit. People […]

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Guinea Pigs—a new intervention to Autistic Child

Children with autism spectrum disorder, who have difficulties in interacting, are vulnerable to the mainstream peers partly due to teasing or exclusion. According to a newly published study, by playing with guinea pigs, autistic children tend to behave more interactively and become less anxious.   Traditionally, researchers conducted surveys among autistic children’s parents and teachers or […]

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A conceptual look at Alzheimers disease, and some of the problems it brings. Courtesy of

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. The reason for this is that June contains the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. If you’ve ever been responsible for the care of a person with a dementia, like Alzheimer’s, you know the significance of the longest day. It’s never over. Nothing can be taken […]

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What? Air pollution may cause brain damage

Although previous studies have shown that air pollution does result in inflammation and damage to the vascular system,  few studies indicate the direct relation between the air pollution and the damage to the brain. In the first half of this year, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center researchers revealed that air pollution could result in brain […]

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Internet phenomenon Lil' Bub

Feeling low? Watch cat videos!

What are the benefits of watching cat videos? Getting cuteness overloaded? Laughing hysterically? How about boosting energy ? With the help of cat-celebrity Lil Bub, an Internet survey conducted by an Indiana University professor collected responses from nearly 7,000 people. The analytic result indicated that viewing cat videos boosts viewers’ energy and positive emotions and decreases […]

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FDA orders food products to be trans fat free in 2018

The Food and Drug Administration made a final decision on Tuesday, giving the food industry three years to eliminate trans fats in their products. This is the final step in the process that FDA finally determined that trans fat is no longer safe, after sufficient public comments and scientific review. Eating food containing artificial trans […]

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I’ve just watched a repeat showing of the Frontline documentary “Solitary Nation.” It’s about the experiences of prisoners in the Maine State Prison segregation unit, or “seg,” as it’s known. It is the unit where prisoners are kept in solitary confinement. According to the documentary (which originally aired on PBS April 22, 2014), America has […]

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Which way is the best to lose weight, doing exercise or having healthy diet?

Interestingly, an article published recently on the New York Times claims that exercise is not the best way to lose weight though it is beneficial. The opinion in the article is so unique especially under a situation where people believe doing exercises is the best way to lose weight and keep healthy. In the article, […]

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MERS deaths increase in South Korea

As more than 2000 schools in South Korea remained closed as more than 2800 people are in quarantine, South Korea has been struck by the largest outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outside Saudi Arabia. MERS is a viral respiratory illness that is new to humans. In 2012, the virus was first reported in […]

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