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March: National Nutrition Month®

Can you believe it’s already March? For some, this means the winter thaw will finally begin and flowers will start blooming in your front yard. For others, this means college basketball brackets or spring break vacations to the beach. For me, it’s the start of National Nutrition Month®, a month dedicated to nutrition education and […]

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Feeling like this is your house?  Hang on, spring really is coming.

Got cabin fever?

The people who write this blog are located in north-central North Carolina, which has lately experienced a lot of snow. This isn’t normal. Of course, other regions of the United States are experiencing record-setting snow this year.  A representative of the normally hardy Bostonians used words like “desperate,” “hammered” and “drained” in a New York […]

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Ventilation doesn’t protect you from secondhand smoke

If secondhand smoking is not annoying enough, here is another fact you should worry about. For years, the public is exposed to the idea that elimination smoking in indoor spaces can fully protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. Well, it’s not true. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) concluded it in their […]

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I can’t stand it! I have Misophonia

I am easily irritated by people who make noise when they are eating. I just can’t stand the noise. Why I am so sensitive to the offending noise, especially the noise in eating? Recently, I read an article “Please Stop Making that Noise” written by Barron H. Lerner, a medical historian, and found that there […]

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Using Social Psychology for Health

As I’m flying at 36,000 feet heading to California for a social psychology conference, it strikes me how many ways social psychology can inform health. After all, the body does not live in a doctor’s office, and is greatly influenced by its owner’s thoughts, actions, and surrounding environment. Understanding how the mind works – how […]

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Wellness Wednesdays: How to Eat Fresh Produce During Winter

Although many familiar fruits and vegetables are not in season during the cold winter months, there are still plenty of opportunities to incorporate fresh, seasonal produce into your diet. Not just for those with adventurous palates, you may be surprised that simple tweaks to classic dishes can make it easy to use even ‘exotic’ ingredients […]

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Type One Tuesdays: Celebrity Advocacates – You Can Be One Too!

Krysta Rodriguez, Broadway actress and film star, added another credential to her name last week.  She began writing a blog about her journey with breast cancer, which coincided with her admission that she has breast cancer.  She uses her website, Chemocouture, to use humor and a very blunt approach to share her very difficult journey with […]

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Dietary Guidelines 2015: The First Look

Last week, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released their nutrition recommendations for the American diet. These evidence-based findings, made by 14 experts in the field of health and nutrition, help inform the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Human and Health Services (HHS) […]

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The cover of the latest issue of bp magazine, written by and for people with bipolar disorder.

Pro-sanity Sundays: Bipolar people’s press

A magazine for people with bipolar disorder is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an issue in mailboxes now. bp magazine is a glossy quarterly with the tagline “hope and harmony for people with bipolar.”  Leaving off the “disorder” reflects the shortened version often used by people who have the condition—but it could also be an […]

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Have you met the latest cigarette mascot: “Jeff the Diseased Lung”

Comedian John Oliver started a Twitter campaign #JeffWeCan to replace the Marlboro cowboy with Jeff the Diseased Lung in a cowboy hat. The famous icon used for decades by big tobacco companies to advertise cigarette smoking was mocked in a satirical sketch aired last Sunday on the television show, “Last Week Tonight with John Olive“ […]

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