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Journalists, readers, and development workers partner to save lives

boys playing in UgandaThe news media have consistently tackled international development and global health issues – disease or malnutrition, for example – getting attention and providing viewers with opportunities to take action.

But recently a few news organizations have taken a more in-depth approach to these issues by partnering with donor agencies to show the big and small picture of international aid, tracking development from the dollar received to the remote village where it is spent.

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Shortage of health workers prompts media messages by the Global Health Workforce Alliance

the globeLast month, leaders and innovators in global health from around the world gathered in Thailand to share experiences of and solutions to problems facing health workers. In addition to organizing the meeting, the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) used a variety of health communications strategies and methods to raise awareness about health workers, the critical shortage of health workers in many countries and potential solutions to the problem.

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