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New “heart healthy” online tool targets Hispanic-Americans

The American Heart Association has recently introduced a new Spanish-language tool, intended to decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke in Hispanics. The feelings of need for such a tool rises from a recent survey that unveiled that although 45 percent of Hispanic-Americans reported being at ideal heart health, 66 percent also reported that…

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No longer in denial: FDA requires more food labeling

What will consumers do when we are clearly told of the calorie counts of our favorite convenience store hotdogs, grocery store deli sandwiches, or tubs of movie theater popcorn?  Will we buy differently or favor smaller portions in an effort to trim our collective waistlines? The FDA is betting ‘yes’ with new proposed menu labeling…

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Weekly News Round-Up

Here are some things we’ve been reading this week. Got something to add? Share it in the comments. No Love for Edgy Message, Cancer Bracelets Rankle Schools (ABC) FTC Subpoenas 48 Food Companies Regarding Marketing to Kids (AdvertisingAge) Returning to Classrooms, and to Severe Headaches (NYT) Study Shows SAMe May Ease Depression (NYT) Sleepy Teens…

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Hurricane Earl and your health

If you live anywhere between North Carolina and Maine, you know Hurricane Earl is headed your way. Maybe you bought some more bread and milk at the grocery yesterday. In the worst case scenario, you are packing up and leaving town. But the CDC wants people to remember that weather preparedness doesn’t just mean boarding…

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Big tobacco has done it again! They’ve found a way to circumvent advertisement restrictions, so finds a recent study done by researchers at the University of Otaga, Wellington, New Zealand. Their study examined YouTube and unsurprisingly enough, found a good amount of pro-tobacco videos on the site. Most of the pro-tobacco clips found in the…

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