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Need some PR help for the cause of the month? The CDC will help

November is right around the corner, and that means soon it will be American Diabetes Month. The CDC has a National Health Observance Toolkit ready to help health organizations promote American Diabetes Month. There are toolkits for every month (e.g. a breast cancer awareness toolkit for October). Each toolkit contains sample press releases (with “insert…

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Loco for the Four Loko

$2.50. 24-ounces. Caffeinated malt beverage. 12 percent alcohol content.  Available in fruity flavors. Alias: ‘Blackout in a Can’. You have just been introduced to the “Four Loko”.   The “Four Loko” most recently took the spotlight after the hospitalization of nine Central Washington University students. Investigators had initially thought these students had been drugged, but…

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Provider prescription for patient behavior change: Collaborate, don’t judge

Physicians remain a respected voice on health behaviors and patients look to them for guidance.  With so many Americans struggling with overweight and obesity, patient-provider communication is an important approach to promoting healthy weight.  A study of the impact of physician-led motivational interviewing for weight loss has found that collaborative discussion and reflective listening are…

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Weekly news round-up

Here are some stories we’ve been reading this week. Got something to add? Share it in the comments. In the candy store of iPhone apps, users treat health apps like broccoli (TIME) Booze-friendly hospitals aim to ease patient woes (NPR) At least 135 dead from disease outbreak in Haiti (AP) Teen car crashes on the…

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CDC’s “winnable battles” face losers’ wrath

It sounds like a reasonable idea: list six of the country’s pressing public health problems where research points to proven remedies, and then focus on fixing them. But when the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden, chose HIV, obesity/nutrition/physical activity/food safety, teen pregnancy, automobile injuries, and health care associated…

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