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Research literacy: What is it?

Last week I learned a new term: research literacy. We have all heard of literacy, which involves reading and writing. Then there is media literacy, which is the idea that people should be able to analyze, evaluate, create and participate with media messages. There is also health literacy, which relates to being able to understand…

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The myth of the celebrity

World Lung Foundation is privileged to work within the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use to support governments in running anti-tobacco advertising. One challenge we encounter in almost every country we work in is preconceived notions about which types of messaging will work to motivate behavior change in smokers and non-smokers. People often derive notions…

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Snazzy technology can come with high costs

While e-health and telemedicine have the promise to help make our healthcare system more effective and effeceint, more technology is not always the best answer. A recent article on highlights the importance of justifying using shiny new tech toys when cheaper means will do. The article highlights a speech given by David Meltzer, associate…

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Emotional support found online for rare diseases

Using social media for emotional support is something that has been in the headlines for years. Last year, an Upstream blogger wrote about social media as a therapy for the chronically ill. But what about acrocephalosyndactylia? Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome? Tangier disease? A recent survey by the Pew Internet Project and the California Healthcare Foundation found that…

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