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Journalists, readers, and development workers partner to save lives

The news media have consistently tackled international development and global health issues – disease or malnutrition, for example – getting attention and providing viewers with opportunities to take action. But recently a few news organizations have taken a more in-depth approach to these issues by partnering with donor agencies to show the big and small…

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Thoughtless, thoughtful or both: My OB Said What?!?!

One of my friends from high school is expecting her first baby – any day.  And, apparently, she’s got some interesting stories to tell about her visits with her to-remain-unnamed obstetrician in Connecticut. Today, she posted this link on Facebook: I curiously clicked the link.  At first, I figured the site would be akin…

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Health benefits from video games?

Upstream authors have touted some of the benefits of video games previously, such as the possibility of using video games for activity or therapy or improving brain function. Upstream has also covered some of the negative aspects of video games, including physical dangers associated with video games. But video games are again making headlines, this…

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Targeting or fragmenting – How effective are national awareness days?

Today, March 10, is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The day is supposed to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS specific impacts on women and girls. In 10 days, on March 20, it will be National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, which, as the name implies, is meant to recognize how Native American populations are impacted…

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