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This new period tracking app is “Spot On”

By: Aria Gray MPH: Maternal and Child Health candidate 2017

Adjusting to the start of the school year and being back on campus can be very stressful and overwhelming. It can start to seem like you don’t have time to take care of everything on your list, including keeping track of your own health and your body including keeping track of your period. Your period is a normal (though not always fun) part of life, and tracking can be helpful to understand your own unique cycle and to observe if your cycle is changing at all. To help keep track of your menstrual cycle and your birth control method, consider downloading the new Planned Parenthood Spot On app.

Spot On is for anyone who gets a period or who uses birth control and does not make assumptions about your gender identity or sexual orientation. You can track your flow, symptoms, mood, and also daily activities. The app also has features that help you remember to take your01 birth control. Unlike other period tracking apps that are available, Spot On does not assume that you are trying to get pregnant and doesn’t treat your period like a part of your life that should stay hidden.

The app also includes FAQs and other helpful period resources as well as statistics based on information tracked in the app, which will make filling out forms at your next doctors appointment so much less stressful.

  • shaunalayres

    I really like how this app doesn't "treat your period like a part of your life that should stay hidden," as you said. Additionally, as you also mentioned, similar apps are often structured to be family planning tools. I'm glad to see an app that is not focused on pregnancy. Younger girls should have a tool that they can use comfortably without being influenced into having ideas such as having a period must mean that they should have a baby in the near future. Great review and thanks for sharing this resource.