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What is medical publishing?

This summer I’m interning at a scientific communications agency that focuses on providing medical publication support to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. This summer, I’ll be writing a series of blog posts that explore the process of medical research and publishing. So, first things first…

What is medical publishing?

Medical publishing is the process by which the information and data produced through medical research is distributed in an effective, ethical, and transparent way so that health care providers can ultimately use that information to provide the best possible treatment and care to their patients.

Researchers both nationally and internationally are continually producing new medical knowledge by developing and testing drugs, devices, procedures, treatments, and diagnostics. The data that are collected during these studies have the potential to drastically impact the way that physicians and other health care providers diagnose and treat their patients.

However, in order for health care providers to adopt the most effective practices, they first need access to the information that indicates which products and practices are the safest and most effective for a particular condition or patient.

This is where medical publishing steps in to fill the gap between research and practice. By publishing the results of medical studies in a credible and trustworthy way, this vetted information can then be accessed by practitioners who turn to these publications for the most up-to-date, high-quality information when treating patients.

In addition, by publishing the results of these studies, both the research community and industry can also stay connected to what’s going on in their respective fields, which is critical for maintaining a productive and informed cycle of research and development.