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Got a Hangover?

In the season of merriment, some of us like to partake in a certain type of holiday cheer. Some of us indulge to a level of intoxication. Yes! Ladies and gentlemen…I am talking about drinking so much that a night (or day) of libations can result in a hangover. Appropriately, CNN Health, addressed the topic of myths surrounding hangovers, in time for the holiday season. Some of you might find this information helpful, while others of you not so much. See if you can identify which statement is fact or myth.

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Pain medicine before or after bed
  3. Eat beforehand
  4. Caffeine cures all
  5. Waking up drunk
  6. Sleep, eat well


  1. Fact: Drink alcoholic drinks with nonalcoholic ones — ideally, water. It speeds up the rate of alcohol absorption.
  2. Myth: Taking an acetaminophen-based medicine (such as Tylenol) can cause liver damage, with heavy daily alcohol use can increase bleeding risks.
  3. Fact: Eat something either before or during a night of drinking: it slows alcohol absorption. Fatty foods are best.
  4. Myth: Caffeine may help relieve a side effect (in this case, the sleep deprivation that can come with a late night party) without battling the main problem.
  5. Myth:
  6. Fact: Sleep and eat as you are able to fuel to absorb alcohol and sleep to re-energize the body.


What other advice have you heard to combat a hangover?


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  • Excess weight has also been shown to be associated

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