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Selling healthy to the wealthy

There’s a new marketing trend, and it even has it’s own catchy word: “wellthy.” It’s the idea of selling health as something that can be attained through things you buy and targeting health to those who have cash to spare on things such as $100 yoga pants, expensive running gear and cell phone apps that help people manage their health. The Financial Post detailed more about this new marketing trend in a recent article.

This article and its points are of particular interest to me, especially the idea of running appealing to those with riches, with all of the equipment and brands marketing gear to help you run better. What’s fascinating to me is that running is one of the exercises you can do anywhere, with whatever you’re wearing. People even run barefoot, so it’s not necessary to have fancy shoes.

What do you think of this trend of health as a status symbol and wealthy ideal? How can we work to make sure everyone can be healthy too, regardless of their economic standing?

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