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Take That, Evildoers! The CDC Fights HIV With Comics

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) plans to raise HIV awareness among the 15- to 24-year-old age group through a medium that folks this age devour: comics. Last week, the agency awarded a $145,000 contract to comic book publisher Terminus Media to create a digital motion comic that can be watched on iPads and Playstation 3s and anything in-between. The contract requires delivery of a 66-page hard-copy comic that will be translated into three, seven-minute motion comics with original characters.

In its request for bids, the CDC noted the lack of health education communication interventions designed specifically for this age group. The agency also wrote that:

Technological advances in computerized graphics have provided new ways of presenting comics and their applications for HIV/STI prevention.

The CDC’s intervention will be the first ever to use motion comics as a means for HIV education. If successful, the agency will consider using motion comics to address other public health concerns.

What do you think about this program’s chance of success? Will it be able to increase HIV awareness among 15- to 24-year-olds? Or will this age group not pay any attention to the comics?