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Could your celebrity obsession improve your health?

If you’re addicted to E! TV and reruns of the Kardashians, you may want to check out Celebrity Diagnosis, a blog run by a pair of medical doctors, which turns media reports about celebrities’ medical conditions into an opportunity to discuss what facts we need to know about common illnesses and ailments.

Celebrity Diagnosis has touched on everything from suicide among reality stars to Victoria Beckham’s stiletto-related foot troubles.

Outside of the world of blogs, discussing celebrities’ medical conditions could be a great starting point for a health discussion with a friend, family member, or patient. Instead of having to share personal medical experiences, which may be too private or difficult for some, we might use celebrities as a common ground to talk about health in a way that is at once familiar yet not too close to home.

We at Upstream have reported earlier about celebrities’ impact on health education, such as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, mental health reality shows, and use of celebrities in marketing campaigns.

What do you think of using stars as examples in medicine? Is it an effective way of engaging others about medical issues? Or does it exploit celebrities’ problems and invade their privacy? How have media reports impacted your awareness of medical conditions?

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