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Don’t be like Jack: George Clooney as advocate for a healthy social network?

In theatres now, the film The American portrays the life of Jack, a professional assassin.  Jack is isolated, on the run, and disconnected.  His social networks do not promote health. In this Sunday’s New York Times, Natasha Singer shares insights and poses questions about the field of ‘Network Science’ in her article “Better Health, With…

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California airs first medical marijuana ad in U.S.

A Fox TV station in Sacramento, Cal. aired the first medical marijuana commercial in the country last month. The commercial features people who have used medical marijuana telling their stories. Lanette Davies, owner and founder of the Canna Care dispensary, the organization behind the commercials, has a daughter who used marijuana for medical purposes after…

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Weekly news round-up

Here are some things we’ve been reading this week. Got something to add? Share it in the comments. Number of Americans With Health Insurance Fell in 2009 (NPR) When Citizens (Gasp) Are the Smoking Police (NYT) Study: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, No Help for Arthritis (WebMD) Study: Sex Drive Boosted in Women Taking Placebo (Houston Chronicle) Use…

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Kids bulk up brains through exercise

Two recent studies, as reported by Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times, add evidence to the claim that fit kids not only do better on tests, but have larger basal ganglia and hippocampi, important control and processing centers in the brain. But, we are in a recession, and school boards across the country are…

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What’s in a name? That which we call…high-fructose corn syrup?

High-fructose corn syrup has been the victim of many criticisms in recent years. Health professionals have questioned its health effects. Consumers have struggled between nutrition recommendations and the late night snacks that are often laden with it. And many noteworthy companies have stopped using it in their products. In response, the Corn Refiners Association has…

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Introducing a Men’s Health-branded active video game

Imagine a new active video game for adults, brought to you by your favorite magazine brand.  Nat Ives at AdAge gives the details: “Now Rodale siblings Men’s Health and Women’s Health have teamed up with Ubisoft on a fitness game called “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved,” due this November for Microsoft’s Xbox and its Kinect motion-detection…

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